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For example, a borrower wants to take a Bank of 100 thousand rubles. Because of problems with re-registration of mortgage, you will need to obtain the consent of the Bank, your Bank is unlikely to agree to repay such a large loan on your own risk, not having the right collateral. Financial institution, in turn, may be a kind of indicator of the reliability of the developer, because of serious financial institutions are ready to cooperate only with honest, reputable and successful construction companies.

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The Bank approves his application, but includes in the credit agreement a lump sum payment for the issuance of money. Less under the dependence of the cars are women the same age as the above men whose main "sick" is the new clothes and shopping, such as coats, raincoats, fur coats or jewelry. However, in any case, the loan inherited, become a headache not the heir, and his guardians.

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For example, the amount of this payment of 10%. It is possible that all debts on the loan that go along with the inheritance, can not be charged for the prescription period.

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That is, the borrower will have to pay 10 Grand to get funds. For example, if the Bank unilaterally amended the contract.

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